picture   3 1/2 year age

Macm Draft import Brasil

breeder - Marcello Mesqiuta - all the ancestors at USA - January 2005 sold at Hungary

Sex male/pes
Birth 10.12.2000
Color red/white

 international show Brno   excelent 2

 special  show Hradec Kralove  res. CAC

ICh Macm Highland Ovation Ch Mugshot's  Standing Ovation Ch Millcoats Titus Ch Walnut Row Moe's Mighty Samson
Millcoats Forever Floppsy
Ch Haileys Comment Lord Maximus of Birkshire
Emeralds Duchess of Kent
Ch Macm T-Town Tara's  Peanut Ch T-Town Farmer Roy Ch Lebo's Horsefeathers
Post Hoc Edna Louise
Ch Elliots Beaus Belle Ch T-Town Mr Jazz Man
Elliots Do-Bee Goot Glaysys
Ch Macm Carol ICh Cherokee Elvin Ch Prestwick Gawain Ch Cherokee Lord Prestwick
Ch Jo-Bo Duches of Prestwick
Ch Supples Lady Gertrude Edwards Lord Beverly
Mugsy Anne
Macm Philsands Nathaly Ch Philsands Blazing Star Ch Cherokee Ulysses
Philsands Dollies Duby
Princess Penelope XVIII David Mugsy
   Little Sister Stewart

Macm Draft at the age 3 year 5 month - photo 28.04.2004





3 year - photo 30.01.2004


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Draft 12 month - photo 18.12.2001


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4 month 6 month 9 month

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Draft  in Brasil


some of the ancestors

father of Draft

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Highland2.jpg (35809 bytes)

 Macm  Highland Ovation

JuniorChampion   Champion Brasil   Grant Champion Brasil    Panamerican Champion    InternationalChampion    


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Macm   Carol

Grant Champion  Brasil


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draft-peanut1997.jpg (34948 bytes)

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draft nat.jpg (32192 bytes)

Mughshot´s Standing Ovation
Ch  Brasil

Macm T Town Taras  Peanuts

JCh  Ch  GR Ch  Pan  ICh

Cherokee Elvin   imp. USA

Macm Philsands Nathaly 


Elvin101.jpg (27776 bytes) Stanley30.jpg (50758 bytes) Elvin112.jpg (30194 bytes)

ICh Cherokee Elvin 

Ch USA Mugshot´s  Standing   Ovation

ICh Cherokee Elvin


Ch USA Prestwick Gawain

Ch USA  T Town Farmer Roy

Ch USA Millcoats  Titus


Ch USA  Cherokee Lord Prestwick Ch USA Cherokee Ulysses Ch USA Walnut Row Moes Mighty Samson